16 March 2017

Closer and deeper

I think about you
and want.
Want hand holding walks 
along the shore
as waves gently lap at our feet
Long lingering kisses curled
in front of the fire
on a cold winters night
Moments of closeness and
moments where words are not
needed as we are lost in close
silent thought.
I think about you
and want
to hear your words, your voice
as you share your inner thoughts,
and feelings and wants.
And yet I want
down on your knees before me
wrists behind your back
And I want to kiss you,
and  touch you and
bringing you closer.
And I want
your deep probing
kisses, your tongue
tasting me everywhere.
Your tongue teasing,
delving, tasting as
my hands stroke
your head, touching you,
pulling you closer and
And deeper.


  1. Oh my. Beautiful images from beautiful words.

    The combination of closeness and intimacy in simple things, non sexual things coupled with the depths of desire.

    For the things you want, I hope that they become a reality. I hope that he can make them a reality. From all the pain and sadness over your years of writing, you deserve warmth, adoration and the deepest love.

    Yours, as always A x

  2. Thanks A for reading and posting.

    I hope so too :-)

    Best, Kat