15 March 2017

Time was lost

I led next to you watching you sleep.
Your eyes rapidly moving behind
tightly closed eyelids
Were you dreaming?

I watched the rise and fall of your chest
with each intake of breath.
Our bodies pressed together.
Am I over you or are you over me?

Fingertips caressing the contour of your body,
Tracing lines, memorising every touch
and learning of those spots that
make you smile and laugh.  That
make you shiver. That make you aroused.

Teasing of lips as they brush one
another gently, softly, fervently.
Moments passed into minutes. As minutes
turned into hours.  As time was lost.

1 comment:

  1. It is surprising where time goes when there is something or someone to fill our thoughts! But that's what makes it and them special!

    Yours, as always A x