16 March 2017

Writing. . . my friend.

It has been so long, since my words have flowed. 

I feel as if I have been reunited with an old friend, you know the friend that you may lose touch with, an amount of time may pass and yet, when you're reunited it is as if you've never been apart. 

It's familiar, comfortable.

It brings a sense of relief. A sense of calm, a sense of release as words flow once more. 

Writing my old friend, how I've missed you.

The feeling as words flow from heart to written word.  Words from thought to paper.  From sentences to poetry. 

Words that have stopped the mind from drowning under endless ebbs and flows and waves of thoughts.  Writing that has eased the hurts, shared the wants, the needs and desires.  Writing that has shared pain, heartache, loss and grief. 

I have missed you, writing, my old friend. 

Let us connect, let us come together once more and share the journey of words, of thoughts, of emotions, of feelings.

Welcome back writing . . .my friend.

1 comment:

  1. And welcome back to you dear Kat!

    Yours, as always A X