20 March 2017

Stroke yourself

"Stroke yourself"

She wanted to watch him stroke himself, there is something she loves about watching him, the long hard, deliberate stokes. 

Watching him create his own torment, his own suffering after being denied release for so long.

There is something she loves about watching his own hand wrapped around his cock, the way his eyes are filled with lust, the desire darkening the colour of his eyes.

She wanted to watch the pre-cum drip from him, as she tormented his nipples with her fingers, her mouth, and her teeth.  The whole image was hot for her, created her own lustful desire deep within.  Watching him was like her own self torment. 


She wanted to watch him stroke himself harder, to watch his tightening fist, a low growl of longing, a pleading look as he hoped to be allowed to find the release that his body had ached for, that his body longed for and still she denied him.  She wanted to prolong his wait, wanted to prolong his suffering, his torment, his desire.

He pleaded and begged for his release and only when it was granted was he allowed to release the salty seed which spurted onto his body, slowly dripping down his fist and over his fingers. 

A low growl released from deep within him echoed around the room.  His eyes shined with lust and hers with desire.  She fed him his own cum covered fingers.

"Here is your treat" she whispered as he devoured his own fingers before her eyes.



  1. Oh Kat, it's been a while since we have had a post like this. Delicious!

    Yours, as always A x

  2. Haha, A, you're right, it has been a while. It was just a thought that came into my head when I was supposed to be sat here working.

    There's been lots of thoughts in my head of late, and it's rather wonderful to return to my blogging and writing to get them out, however they are.

    Glad you enjoyed and thank you, as always for commenting.

    Best, Kat

  3. I am glad Kat, that the thought came into your head and that you shared this piece of writing.

    Your posts are so damn hot at times!

    Yours, as always, A x