14 March 2017

The first kiss . . .

The first kiss that day was short, sweet, and gentle.

It was the first time I saw you. 

It was also the first time that I felt your lips against my own.  

And my own desire for kissing and lips were left longing with a desire from that very first moment.  With each time I saw you bite your own lip while lost in a brief moment of thought, I found my own thoughts drifting to wanting to bite them too.

It was the first time I felt the warmth of your hand touching my body as we were preparing to say goodbye. And yet, it was a moment that had played out in my thoughts during the hours we had sat talking.

In a short moment, those kisses had changed, harder, longer deeper, the feel of your tongue in my mouth, my tongue exploring your own.  Biting of your lips watching them swell and redden with a gentle force of my mouth on yours.

The feel of my palms against your face, looking into the unusual colour of your eyes,  before leaning in and taking your lips with my mouth, stealing just one more kiss, a fleeting moment, and leaving a longing for oh, so much more.

*originally written March 2nd 2017


  1. Damn! Am so jealous lol I'd love to be in his place!

    Yours, as always A x

  2. Awww A! Your words are always so sweet! I am sure that you fill soon find your own place to be.

    Best, Kat