15 March 2017

My words

My words
have come back to life since you, 
you see what I write
and I wonder if it means something
whether you understand what,
or who sits behind the written words
that sit in front of you.
I do not yet know how my words
are read by you or
what you may think of
the words that you see,
or if
and you my critic
are whom I care about


  1. It's great your words have come back to life dear Kat. But if I may say so, it's even better that you have!

    There is always so much depth to your words, even in simple moments like this one, there is a depth of feeling, emotion and thought which I find is quite rare.

    I am sure whoever the "critic" you write of will see the depth too. They may well see it through different eyes than those of us who have not met you. But they would (should) have a deeper understanding of the words and the depth because they are able to see the person behind the words, they are able to feel and hopefully share the emotion and feeling that sits behind them too.

    You put yourself out here, to us. And even from your words I feel as if I've known you for so very long. You reach. You touch and you feel. There's always a beauty in your words, because they come from within. And that makes them beautiful.

    Yours, as always A x

  2. A,

    Thank you not only for your comments, but also for the words that you've shared here and indeed on many of my posts over the years I've been blogging. The words I write flow from within, so the fact that someone reading them, who doesn't know me other than through here, through my words can see, feel and even relate or connect to those feelings and emotions is a big compliment - so thank you!

    Best, Kat