17 March 2017

To please

I can feel the heat of your breath, I can feel the closeness of your cheeks to my thigh.  I can picture a desirous look that floods your eyes.

And you wait and I wonder if you are taking me in or just wanting to prolong that moment.  A slight touch, as I feel your fingers gently trailing up my thigh, tracing, teasing and I can sense your mouth getting closer as my body tightens.

My body is swamped by a longing, as an urge surges through me to push my hips and shove your face deep into me.  And still I can feel your gentle touch, as my hands fist into the sheets, as I grasp onto the pillow and still I have the urge to pull you in.  There is something about that moment, that moment before the delicious torment of your tongue delves into the depths of my aching cunt.  That moment as my body is taken higher even without a touch.  I feel your face drag against me, my body filled with such glorious sensations and I'm overcome by a carnal desperate longing.

My eyes tightly close when I feel your breath so close to me, it's warmth, the depth of your breathing before you finally slip out your tongue and press between the folds to tease, to torment, to taste.

To please.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Kat,

    Excuse the language I am about to write. Fuck!

    This is so damn hot! I can imagine this, picture it, feel it. Wish it but find myself longing to be him. I love to give pleasure to Mine in this way. Such a closeness and intimacy.


    Forgive me dear Kat.

    Yours as always A x