14 March 2017

And I like it . . .

Your face, that is.  

A lot. 

Even more since you sat across from me, when I didn't have to imagine the expressions that swept across your face.

I like your face, and yet I cannot believe you didn't know that you had a "thinking" expression.

You have.  You do. 

And I like it. 

A lot.

I like the way you face reflects that your mind is thinking, that you're drifting off into the thoughts that one day I hope you will share with me.  I like the way that your eyebrow slightly arches as if you've been taken a little by surprise by the thoughts that fill your mind in that moment.

I like your eyes, so pale and clear and yet, so expressive in their own way.  And I like the way that your eyes like to make contact, holding a gaze for an extended period of time.  I want to take in those expressions, delve in through your eyes into the thoughts that sit within your head.

I like the fact that you blush at your own thoughts, and I can tell in that moment that your thoughts have gone to a darker place, a place of depravity, a place of desire and longing.  And I watch your face flush.

And I like it.

A lot.

I like the expressions that fill your face when you are feeling embarrassed, the warmth on your face as you cheeks come awash with redness.  The look of focus when you are concentrating, when you are thinking, when there's a battle in the mind, as if there's a thought on the tip of your tongue that you want to release to the world and are not yet quite ready to share.

The moments of intense and serious thoughts, the depth of thought that is within your mind is reflected on your face.

I can't believe that you didn't know that you had a thinking face!  You do. 

And I like it.

A lot.

I like the way that you bite your lip, your teeth gently tugging at the skin of your lips, and my thoughts run to wanting to bite your lips, to devour your mouth, to kiss you, gently, softly, hard.

And I like your face and think about it in ways I've not yet witnessed.

I think about how your face will change in different moments.  Of how your face will look when you're blindfolded.  Of how your face will fill with expectation when you perhaps know a kiss is coming.  I think about how your face lights up with the biggest of smiles, but of how your face will look with tears slowly falling down your cheeks. 

I think about tracing your lips, your mouth, your chin, your neck with my nail, my tongue, exploring your mouth more with my own.

I think about your eyes widening . . .pleading . . .longing . . .tightly closed taking a pain that I may inflict.  I think about looking into those eyes when I kiss you. 

When I hurt you. 

When I tease you.

When I hold you. 

I think about how your face may look when you're sleeping. When you're happy, when you're sad.

When you're pleading.

When you're aroused.

When you've come.

*originally written 5th March 2017


  1. I wish it were my face you were writing about! Whoevers face you write of, he's very lucky!

    Another beautiful piece dear Kat

    Yours, as always A x

  2. Ah, A! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading. I wish for you that someone writes about you in this way so very soon!

    Best, Kat