25 March 2017

Tears of remembrance

Tears of remembrance
roll streaks of blackness
down her face.
Smearing the memories and
pain onto a
canvas of pale skin.
A hand, a tissue, cannot wipe 
away the sadness or
memories that engulf.
She looks at the page before her,
no words of
sentimentality just a
reality of pain and sadness.
A silent tear freefalls
onto the journal notebook
that sits before her,
the place where she writes her
innermost thoughts
and depths and feelings.
A silent tear that smudges
the beautiful words she
has written.
Blurring them into 
streaks of
blackness which match the
canvas of her skin.
Tears of remembrance.
Of sadness.
Of loss.
As she searches for
words of harmony and
of warmth,
of love.


  1. Beautiful images Kat, with beautiful words however much they are tinged with sadness.

    Yours, as always, A x