25 March 2017


Open space. 

I'm lucky to live a short drive away from endless fields.  I've just spent almost 2 hours out with the dogs, walking through fields, the warmth of the late spring sunshine beating down on my face, an occasional gentle breeze . . .

. . .  .and silence.

An occasional cockerel crowing in the nearby farm making his voice heard, the sound of the branches moving in the breeze, an occasional plane flying overhead, but apart from that . . .

 . . .silence.

There is something about moments like this which can ground you.  Which can help to ease the darkness of thoughts.  The warmth of the sun making you feel a little better.  And so I walked. 

And walked.

Nothing but open space, the dogs running around through the fields and fresh air.

Lost in thought, lost in reflection, but with a better perspective than had been present during last night and this morning.  Lots of time thinking about the time I was able to share this week, of being close, of everything that is happening . . .of the journey ahead.  Lost in thought in terms of feelings, searching for an understanding almost a clarity of what they are. 

But there is something about moments like this which can just be peaceful.  Which can just bring a sense of calm. 

Which are needed.


  1. You are lucky to be surrounded by such nature Kat, I agree, being out there can help clear the mind.

    Your mind is overrun with thoughts and feelings. I wish you peace Kat. Of heart and mind.

    Yours, as always, A x

  2. That sounds absolutely beautiful, Kat.

    I'm hoping our weather turns soon so that outside will no longer equate to misery.

    Nature has this way of allowing energy to flow through us... and clear our spirits so that we may face what is happening from an unencumbered perspective.

    Sometimes the sounds of only "what is there" is extremely calming as we wade through the mess of what is, what could be, what we want, what we fear, and the like.

    Take care.

    1. Dear fur sissy,

      Thank you, I hope the weather changes for you soon! I'm not sure where abouts in the world you are, but hopefully the warmth will be coming soon!

      I love how nature can ground us. If I didn't have so much work to do doing today, I'd be walking some more. The need to clear my head is quite overwhelming today.

      Best, Kat