04 March 2017


And now, to you, my passionately
beloved friend and sworn enemy,
I can turn and call
The words, however, are lost in my thought,
lost in the same place where
parasitic You hides. And, as we separate
and become…and become,
I want to say, perhaps,
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
And it is, yes. And it is a relief as well
For how did, why did,
I stumble upon you?
You, who knows me best for having
seen my worst. You crept so silently behind me,
but I always knew of Your presence-
although, I did deny You existed-
You crept so silently behind me
for many plagued years, enviously
eyeing my every move-awaiting eagerly Mistake.
You and I must no longer be. Salve.

Stay, I will leave.


  1. Kat, I love this, and although it may reflect on a difficult situation it seems as if there's a strength.

    Can I ask what the poem is in relation to?

  2. I recently revisited my blog, reading some of the posts I'd made (I don't read the entries once they've been written) and it is a reflection of me returning here, returning to situations and past times that I don't need to return to.

    It is a reflection on the fact that things are here, they are OK being here and it is I that am leaving (in that I am leaving them here and not returning to them, not that I am leaving writing, or my blog or anything else)

    It is a reflection that there is a time in my life that I blogged about here quite a lot, which reflects on a particularly difficult and sad time, but that is it . . .it's from the past. I have no desire to revisit, re-live it and that in some ways, there has been a closure to that time and that person, to that sadness and to that pain.

    "I want to say, perhaps,
    “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
    And it is, yes. And it is a relief as well"

    And it was at the time, but there is no sorrow now as I leave it behind, and I do feel a sense of relief.

    It gives hope, for the future.