25 March 2017

Passing the keys . . .

Chastity, something that I've always been drawn to. 

I've blogged about it quite often, including THIS entry where I wrote about what's in it for the lady. 

That blog post talks at length about what it is I love, what I get out of keeping someone locked and denied, and let's face it, I get a WHOLE lot out of it.  And yet, right now, I'm getting other things from it that are quite new, quite different.

It is something that has played a part in the past in varying degrees.  But there have always been similar aspects of it that have run through the "act", familiar thoughts, familiar feelings.  I know how it feeds my "beast", I know how it feeds my desire and need for control.  And really, there hasn't really been anything that has felt quite different for me. 

Until now. 

There are a whole host of things which are contrasting for and with me right now.  And this is different too.  I had lots of time to reflect on this as I drove home today, thoughts going to what is different, why it feels different.

And I LOVE the fact that it is.

I LOVE the fact that there are things that are new and fresh and it's like seeing things which I've always enjoyed, always loved or felt drawn to through different eyes, with different thoughts and feelings.

And yes, the feelings are important - chastity, is still very much, as indeed everything is for me, emotionally driven. 

I have no desire to deny someone if it is emotionally lacking. 

It is this with everything, without that emotion, without those feelings, everything is just empty, I don't want empty, I want those feelings that emotionally drive.  I want things filled with a depth of feeling, that overwhelming sense of emotion that drives so much of the things that we may do. 

The things that I do. 

And while it may be quite soon, today, I have the keys . . . and sometimes . . .just sometimes for however much I may think, or reflect or write, sometimes the right words, just cannot be found. 

But, regardless of how soon, regardless of how early, there is still emotions driving right now.  I haven't quite processed all of the thoughts and feelings that I may have about it all right now . . .but there are emotions driving.

And, they, the keys . . . are here with me.  :-D

While he is locked up (first pic) I have the keys on a necklace around my neck (second pic).

It isn't a small thing.

Someone choosing to give up this part of them to ultimately be controlled by another.  I am not indifferent to just how hard it is to be denied, to give that up.  I am quite aware that it's not an easy thing but I am quite aware of how it also makes me feel.

It's a big step. 

Both for him as he gives that up and indeed for me in terms of having control of that.  It's a big step, but a rather delicious and wonderful one and while I haven't quite processed the new feelings I have, he may have the device to remind him, something serving as a physical reminder if we are not together (along with the lack of physical release of course), but I have something physical to remind me too. 

And that . . .that is rather quite fabulous!

*originally written Thursday March 23rd*


  1. Dear Kat,

    So we finally get to see a picture of some of you here in your blog. I am sure I will not be the only one who is jealous of the fact that the keys that sit there around your neck, that hang so close to your heart are not keys for my device!

    But it is a big step for him, for you. I just mentioned on another blog entry about the heart being invested in a way you've (neither) both admitted as yet. And to have taken this step, I believe there is absolutely emotions driving things here - or else it wouldn't be happening.

    I do wonder though, whether you as a dominant get a similar feeling to wearing this around your neck that I derive from being a submissive wearing a collar. Touching it centres me, it brings me closer to Her. We can be separated by a large distance but I can touch, I can feel my collar and it brings me back to her. I wonder whether it works in a similar way for you too?

    I think it is a beautiful thing, giving up oneself in this way to another. It may be early in your relationship with this person, I don't however think that precludes it from being emotionally driven Kat - do you?

    Yours, as always A x

  2. I loved your blog post. As a man and husband now in my 50s I could never quite explain what was attractive to me when it came to being locked and denied. Fortunately, my wife was open to discussing it. I brought it up. And a few years later after some false starts and failed attempts I am, or rather we, are there. I still can’t explain the erotic rush I get from denial. I can’t explain what attracts me, a healthy man, to want to wear a chastity device. I also can’t explain well enough in words how it makes me feel when I plan to do something, and then learn I will be wearing my device when I do it. Seeing the only key that could release me around her neck is another feeling I’m at a loss to put into words. Other keys are hidden away, including the one I used to have. It has made us inseparable. I think from the natural frustration I feel came a more loving husband.