17 March 2017


I long to hold you in the darkness,
to remove your inhibitions
as easily as I remove your clothes
from your body
that is slowly revealed for
my eyes and my pleasure.
The softness of your skin is
contrasted by
the shortness of your breath
as I explore your sensuous flesh
with my gentle touch.
The hotter you become
the more you excite me.
As your eyes glaze over and roll
back in your head as I
tease you with my fingers and
your body pushes itself against
my hand and my mouth.
Involuntary motions of
passion & desires fulfilled.
As you moan softly
I feed at your neck hungrily,
nipping, biting,
lustful passions tasting
wonderful in my mouth.


  1. Dear Kat,

    Wow lots of posts to catch up, you've found your writing mojo or has it found you? Whichever it's so good. There's more poetry than you've written before, it seems as if something is different in your writing - is it because things are different?

    The words, Your words bring such beautiful images to the mind, they fill my senses. I can feel them and that makesxthecwords so beautiful. Even when you write about sexual activity, it is done with class, with feeling and with a warmth and beauty.

    I loved this one BTW ;-)

    Yours, as always A X

  2. Yes A, you're right, there is more poetic words flowing right now. I have draft posts, ones which are delving into deeper thoughts, personal thoughts, personal feelings and so on, but they're not yet ready to see the light of day on the blog.

    Thank you, as always for your comments on my blog, your words, your compliments. I appreciate them, truly.

    Best, Kat