03 March 2017

And I love it when . . .

He is stood behind you, hands pushing down on your shoulders forcing your face into the pillows of our bed, forcing your chest down against the mattress which in turns raises your ass so much closer to him. 

He digs his hips into your ass. And again. And again. You can hear the grunting in your ear and he can feel your body begging to be taken.

And I can see it all.

I can see him.

I can see you.

His cock near your ass while your own betrays your body. 

I can see the pleading in your eyes, pleading for him to fuck your ass, pleading for me to make it stop before he's really begun.  I can hear your breath, short sharp breaths as if you are struggling to get the air into your lungs to be able to exhale properly. 

And as I nod at him, telling him it is OK to proceed, the coldness of the lubricant makes you shiver as firstly you feel a finger, then two sliding between your cheeks. I see you tense, he feels you tense and you can feel his breath, hot and heavy on your neck as he pushes into you further and further. 

He pulls you up into a triangle, your ass in the air, face pushed down into the pillow and I can hear you groaning as he reaches round to your stiffened cock.  Breathing quickens, sporadic bursts of breath, sharp and fast.  You feel the tip of his cock sliding between your cheeks causing you to tense further still and I can see how much he loves to ride your ass, and there is such a desperation playing out before me. 

From him.

From you.

A frantic animalistic fucking. 

I shiver at the sight before me, it hits me right in the pit of my stomach. 

Him fucking you, while I watch you being fucked.  I do not break my gaze, not from you, not from this sight.

Your body is filled with sensations so intense, they flood your being and you are rocking against his hand, pushing back on his cock that is plunging deep in and out of your ass.  And it is clearly evident that you are loving him riding your ass. 

And still I watch.  Taking in every fucking beautiful image that is playing out before me.

You are moaning, groaning, urging him on, urging him in deeper. And there is screaming and it is him and it is you as the rhythmic thrusts into your ass that is screaming loudest, begging, pleading. 

And the blood rushes to your ears, drowning out the screams, the breathing, the gasps from you both.

His body twitches.  His cock is pulsing and as you tense your ass around him he fills you with his warm load.  Breathing is frantic.

And I am watching still as you fall into the pillow.  A beautiful sight. 

And baby, I love it when you're ass fucked.


  1. Oh. My. Fuck! Hard limit for me and yet I find a craving for this.

    Kat, Your writings always touch has been too long.

    Welcome back!

  2. Thank you! It's good to be back writing, it's been so long.

    Hard limit? Plant a seed and watch it grow, although I do believe that when you are sharing the beautiful depths of a D/s relationship that anything can become possible.

    But, a scenario like this is one of my favourites. Watching a man take mine us a beautiful thing!

    Best, Kat

  3. Holy fuck ..... that. was. unbelievable. Wow, just wow.