29 March 2017

"Let go"

"Let go" it cries,
wanting to be released.
Wanting to feel a freedom
of the world as it flies
on it’s own. Soaring above,
floating away.
But it's caught
here and there,
"Let go" it cries,
wanting to be released.
Wanting to feel a freedom
of a different direction,
a different path,
a new life.
There is no pulling it
back, as the string
is released, letting it go.
it floats beyond reach
with its own wishes
and hopes
and dreams.


  1. Sometimes dear Kat, we have to let things go. You know that as you did it with JoJo, probably one of the hardest things you've done with the emotions involved. But, don't hold on to things which are toxic or which make you unhappy, or which make you question yourself or indeed doubt yourself.

    You are amazing and beautiful and have a level of compassion that is quite rare, don't ever let go of that or who you are.

    Let go of those things not worthy of you, your time and your heart.

    You know I'm here right?

    Yours, as always A x

    1. Letting go of what is toxic A is never easy, we both know that.

      JoJo, that situation wasn't toxic, it was just never ultimately going to be right and letting go there was perhaps the hardest thing I've done, with that I will agree.

      There are things I need to let go of. I need to process first before I can do that.

      Thank you for your compliments and for reading and responding.

      Best, Kat