17 March 2017


You know what your hands do to me.  Already.

How I long for them to touch every inch of me.  No lips, no tongue.  Just your hands. 

To feel your fingertips as they caress softly.  Your whole hand as it gathers my breasts and squeezes. 

You could touch me this way for hours. 


  1. How, dear Kat, I wish those could be my hands! I'm having bittersweet feelings of my own (see my comment on Simply...)

    Mine are because you are here writing again, that there is someone who is your inspiration within your life, (which is so very wonderful for you) and yet I find myself feeling a big hole of what is missing within life.

    I find myself wishing that I were he, whoever he is. Please do not think me odd or strange! I hope that he will hold your heart in his hands and treasure it and you. Your heart is beautiful, reflected through what you share here, with us. It's seem so much pain and heartache, I hope it will not see anymore!

    Maybe I should not read these entries in the quiet hours of the night lol

    Yours, as always A x

  2. A,

    Thank you, as always for reading and also commenting.

    A lot of things within life are bittersweet, and more often than not, when it comes to emotions and feelings.

    Some time ago, here on the blog I wrote an entry I recall which talked about living with the door wide open, of being open to whoever may attempt to cross the threshold. And although I've always thought the door was wide open, on reflection I don't think it quite has been for me, until recently.

    I do not think you are odd or strange. Our hearts are a precious thing and when you allow them to feel and deeply feel, there's always that risk of feeling the pain of those feelings too. But, if we always stick behind a closed door, there's the chance that we may miss out on something, on someone quite special.

    Open your door A, as wide as you can. And then there will be no need to read my entries in the quiet hours of the night, which is when, I am most often writing them!

    Best, Kat